The GlowyStuff Guide to Hoops

Ben Greenberg

Last updated Apr 4th, 2021

The GlowyStuff Guide to Hoops

Ben Greenberg

Last updated Apr 4th, 2021

Your starting point for the world of hoops, from entry-level festival hoops to cutting-edge smart LED hoops.

This guide will help you understand the different types of hula hoops, and empower you to pick the right hoop from the right brand. We cover everything from picking the right size and tubing to ensuring a proper grip. Our aim is to guide you through your hoop journey, from when you’re selecting your first hoop, to when you’re more experienced and investing in a cutting-edge smart LED hoop.

Hoop Size

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The most asked question about hoops is what size someone should get. Let's go over how hoop size is measured, and then talk about picking the right size for you.

How Hoop Size is Measured

There are two types of hoop size measurements: Outer Diameter (OD) and Inner Diameter (ID). OD is the measure from one outside edge to the other.  ID is the measure from one inside edge to another.
Depending on the hoop seller, you’ll either see hoop sizing options in OD or ID, with OD being more common. This will be no issue for you if you know how to convert between the two. You can calculate the OD of a hoop from its ID by adding two times the Tubing Size to the ID. For example, if you have a 33” ID hoop with 5/8" tubing, that hoop would have an ID of 34.25”.

On-Body Hoop Sizing

Off-Body Hoop Sizing


Hoop Tubing

Tubing Sizes

Tubing Materials

LED Hoops

Classic LED Hoops

Smart Hoops

Picking a Good Brand

BrandBrand RankSmart Hoops Rank
Astral HoopsTBDTBD

Hoop Grip Options

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