MoodHoops Festival Hoops

Festival Hoops are the cheapest LED hoops available from MoodHoops. They have fewer LEDs than their Classic LED Hoops, and as a result have a longer battery life. These hoops are only available in one size, and a few patterns, which is part of why they're cheaper. You might consider getting one of these as your first ever LED hoop, and upgrade to a Classic or even Smart Hoop when you're more experienced.

Pattern Choices

These hoops are available in three different patterns, sold separately. These patterns are pretty basic, allowing for longer battery life and a lower price point.
Hoop NameImagePattern DescriptionPrice
ImpulseMoodHoops Festival Hoop - ImpulseGreen dotted-strobe LEDs$49
EchoMoodHoops Festival Hoop - EchoWhite and blue dotted-strobe LEDs$59
DaydreamMoodHoops Festival Hoop - DaydreamPink, white, and blue dotted-strobe LEDs$64
If you want more complex patterns with more LEDs, check out Moodhoops Classic LED Hoops.

See it in Action

Hooper Christine Cannon posted a video of her Daydream hoop in action:

Size and Tubing Options

Festival Hoops are only available in 38" OD with 3/4" tubing. The 3/4" tubing is HDPE by default, but if you pay an additional $25, you can get clear polypro tubing. Note that MoodHoops recommends getting their LED hoops in HDPE, for durability reasons.
If you want more sizing and tubing options at a somewhat higher price point, check out Moodhoops Classic LED Hoops.


Hoop grip is provided by hoop wax pre-applied to the inner ring of the hoop. Wax is a great grip option for LED hoops because it doesn't obstruct the lights as other options like tape do. When you order your hoop, you can add additional hoop wax to your cart for $3.


These hoops use 14500 lithium ion (AA sized) batteries. They have the longest battery life of any MoodHoops, meaning you'll be able to take them to a festival and hoop all day with at most one battery swap.
Every Festival Hoop comes with one 14500 battery, and a charger. When you purchase this hoop, you'll have the option of buying an additional


We contacted the amazing Nikki at MoodHoops and she said:
All of our LED props come with the same one year warranty, including our festival hoops :)

Additional Reading

MoodHoops has such an amazing FAQ page. We recommend checking out this particular question: How are Festival Hoops different from regular Classic MoodHoops?

38" OD


¾" HDPE or Polypro

LED Count

12 LEDs


14500 lithium ion (AA sized)

Battery Life

5 hours


12.6 oz

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